Ideas for a Bathroom Renovation

Bathrooms are seen by some as simply a functional room where one spends as little time as necessary, whereas others want their bathrooms to be aesthetically pleasing places of refuge and comfort. Tired, older bathrooms can be remodeled and re-equipped within a very reasonable budget for those in the first group. However, if you want a bathroom a queen would be comfortable in, well… you don’t actually have to have the finances available to royalty, but your options are unlimited.

Consider the Process

Bathroom renovations can be expected to involve plumbing and electrical work and possibly gas fitting and structural modification, too. The pros at Goldbay Construction, Vancouver’s leading renovation team, have decades of experience in all aspects of renovation and construction to bring to your project. They can even help you navigate the overwhelming and oh-so-wonderful selection of products on today’s market in order to find what’s right for your tastes and your budget. In fact, one of the things Goldbay’s founder and owner – Mike Kultalahti enjoys most is helping customers move their plans from ideas to actual choices in design and selection of materials and finishes. He has developed a keen sense for visualizing people’s ideas and needs and that’s what will get your renovation project off to a great start.

Consider the Contractor

Mike inherited his Finnish father’s old-world mentality of honesty, integrity and craftsmanship and has built Goldbay Construction around those principals. He has become a successful leader in the industry by doing things right and keeping the customer’s interests in mind for over thirty years. When you invite Goldbay to discuss a Vancouver bathroom renovations project you will be sure to meet Mike as he is a hands-on guy who insists on getting to know his customers right at the start.

Little Job/Big Job

Should you need renovations in the bathroom, such as new fixtures, storage options, paint, flooring and so on, Mike and his team will be pleased to help you with their expertise, guaranteed work and competitive rates. If you want to turn your bathroom into a showcase or an oasis of relaxation, Mike will work with you or your designer to bring your dream to reality. He can also recommend designers and architects who have earned his respect throughout his decades-long career in the construction industry.