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Suggestions To Fix A Clogged Shower Drain or a Toilet

One of the worst problems that people will ever run into when they own a home, business, or at the house of a friend or family member is dealing with a clogged shower head or toilet. Not only is this embarrassing, it can also be quite expensive to fix if the person in question does not have the expertise to deal with the issue at hand. If the problem is large enough that it might cause a risk to the plumbing system or home, it should not be dealt with except by a trained professional. However, there are some small things that you can do to fix a clog without needing professional help.

Clogged Shower Heads

A clogged shower can be one of two things. You can be experiencing a problem with the shower drain, or perhaps the shower head is not working correctly. While the drain part might not be as hard to deal with using common knowledge, the shower head is definitely the more difficult part.

Unless you have a special water filter, you will probably know that there are minerals, calcium and other deposits that come naturally in water. The problem here is that these items eventually build up over time and clog the shower head.

You can spend a ton of money on expensive items at a store to fix this, but these items might actually prove to be caustic to the shower head itself. These chemicals can eventually corrode the metal and result in needing a new shower head. Instead, using a common household item like vinegar can save the day.

Clogged Shower Drain Tip

This vinegar fix is simple to do. All you need is a plastic baggie, an elastic band or string, and regular white vinegar. You simply fill the plastic bag with vinegar and tie it around the shower head with the elastic string or rope. The shower head must be completely immersed in the vinegar. Leave this for at least 24 hours for best results. This simple fix enables the vinegar to eat away at anything that is not actual metal, thus cleaning the shower head. All that you need to do afterwards is clean the vinegar out of the shower and tub. If this does not work and you are still experiencing problems, you might need to replace the shower head anyway.

Fixing A Plugged Toilet

This is by far one of the most common problems people face. The first thing that you need to do is flush the toilet if you have not already done so. This shows it is indeed clogged, but never continue flushing it afterward. Before trying to clean a clogged toilet always be sure to wear protective gloves and/or goggles, and try to ensure that the floor is protected from anything that might come out of the toilet, as it may be messy. The next step is to turn all water that is supplied to the toilet off. This ensures that the toilet will not continue to flood while you work.

Another important thing to do is to be sure that the bathroom is well ventilated so that any chemicals or materials in the toilet do not cause you dizziness. Two ways to fix a clog in the simplest manner are as follows.

You will usually have either a plunger or coat hanger handy. These two items are a boon when fixing a clogged toilet. Ensure that you do not get toilet splash back when using a plunger by using slow and firm movements to push the water and anything inside of the clogged drain down. This helps to ensure pressure can build up to clear the drain.

You can also use a coat hanger that is straightened out to remove whatever happens to be plugging the toilet. Using the end of the hanger in the toilet, you will want to move it in slow circles, usually with cloth on the end to avoid scratching the porcelain. Do this and push the hanger in and out, as well as in circular motions, to either break up or unclog the toilet. If the clog persists it is possible that there is something deeper in the drains backing everything up. If the sewer line blocked with roots or worse, have broken down then you need to call one of the plumbers in your town.

You will know you are successful in these activities when the toilet flushes itself. Never pour any drain cleaners or caustic liquids into a toilet bowl if it is not draining. The only thing this accomplishes and filling the toilet bowl more as the water within will dilute the chemicals you put in.

If you try these suggestions and are still not able to fix the problem, or feel you are not up to doing any other techniques, you should try to call one of your local Kelowna plumbers. Always remember that it is better to spend a bit of money to fix a problem as opposed to destroying the plumbing in your bathroom by damaging something. A professional plumber will be able to fix the problem you are having and show you the proper way to remedy it should it happen again.