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How To Avoid Panic When Plumbing Goes Haywire

Back in the day, we had a son still living at home and also we were lucky enough to have a baby, and we had to do something about our current living space. We were eager to enlarge it somehow, and we finally concluded that we would have an extension. My business was blooming and the price for the building was around $51,000. The top priority was to find the best available building company. I figured I had this one nailed down since I employed an acquaintance who was a member of my sports club. This was my mistake.

He let me down since I did not get what was expected. However, a fella with just a monkey wrench, a blow torch and some copper tubing turned up. In fact he saved the day and the standard of his work was awesome. Not just that, he was also sociable and very professional.

Hire A Professional

If there is something you are able to take out of my experience, it’s to take the time to track down an experienced American Standard plumber close to you. Fortunately, I will tell you some actions to take to be sure you never come across the problems I ran into.

For starters, don’t organize everything yourself. This is particularly vital when it comes to plumbing technicians. Unless you have knowledge about hiring and firing men, you shouldn’t do this bit by yourself.

Secondly, conduct the homework. Which means ask people in your area or the pubs that you visit. Don’t forget to consult with workmates and family members too. They might be able to tell you where to look to find top notch workmen.

Lastly, you should always get several quotes from plumbers. Try not to jump aboard the least expensive quote as this might not be the cleverest move to make. Plus, it could possibly lead to a dreadful outcome. If you do the research and get estimates, then you will be fine.

Five Simple Tips

The economy may be improving, but footing the bill for unexpected home repairs can be a nasty surprise for any budget. Plumbing issues can be particularly disastrous because of their potential for causing water or sewage damage. These easy tips can help you minimize your expenses and get the most out of your plumbing system.

1. Respect Your Garbage Disposal

There is a strong temptation to think of a garbage disposal unit as an instant trash can. Something about the sound of spinning blades gives it an aura of invulnerability that many people over-estimate. Unfortunately, the garbage disposal is only meant to clear the drain after washing dishes-it should never be the place where you scrape your leftovers after a meal. Avoid putting stringy vegetables like celery or rhubarb, and starchy foods like pasta and rice in the garbage disposal.

2. Keep Weight off of Your Pipes

Plumbing fixtures are not designed to be weight-bearing, and putting too much stress on them can cause them to break clean off. Many hanging shower racks walk a fine line in this department, and adding that next bottle of apricot body wash might just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Similarly, avoid hanging clothing, art, or other items on exposed pipes throughout the house.

3. Allow Professionals to Install Major Appliances

Many people take pride in their handyman skills, and do-it-yourself improvement projects are a good way to increase your home’s value for a low cost. However, improperly installing major appliances can result in a great deal of added expense and even pose a physical danger. In particular, water heaters should always be installed by a professional to ensure that their safety valves are functioning correctly. An improperly installed safety valve can result in an explosion of scalding water and tank shards if the thermostat fails.

4. Think about What You Put In Your Drain

Sometimes the easiest thing to do when cleaning a bathroom is to wash the dust and hair off the sponge in the sink. Sadly, these solid materials can easily clog a drain. Other common mistakes include dumping leftover home construction materials such as caulk in the sink after a project, or pouring grease or fat down the drain when cooking. As a rule of thumb, try to restrict what goes in the drain to watery liquids.

5. Performing Home Repairs

It’s good to have a working knowledge of your plumbing system, and you can save a lot of money by being able to make minor repairs or alterations on your own. Just be sure to remember how to reassemble something if you take it apart! Many components have specific assembly requirements which can be easy to forget once they’re in pieces. Taking pictures as your disassemble a component can help you remember how to put back together correctly.

Although these tips may sound simple, having a little foresight can go a long way. There’s a reason that plumbing is a $95 billion industry, but these ideas can help you avoid picking up the phone and shelling out big bucks for an unexpected emergency.

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